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Rockin' Rewey Fireworks

Rewey Ball Park - Saturday, July 15, 2017


Fireworks at Dusk!    Gates open @ 4pm

Maps at the bottom of this page

Best seat for viewing the show is in the park!

Rewey FireworksBy far the very best fireworks display seen in the area!! We draw thousands of spectators to the small town of Rewey, Wisconsin every year to watch this display. If you like fireworks, you should not miss Rewey!

Be sure to come early as there will be thousands of people there and you will want to be seated IN the park for the best view. While there are lots of aerial shells that can be seen for a long distance, if you are not in the park you will miss much of the show.

Rewey Community Park 2016 Rockin' Rewey Fireworks Event Poster

Kids games/inflatable rides, food concessions, beer tent (must have ID), raffle drawings and fun!!


LIVE BAND: Chicken Truck (7pm - 1am)

After the fireworks, around 10PM, there is a DJ and dance. A good time for sure!

Volleyball/Kickball Tourneys (Contact Rodger: 608-778-2282)

                                                         Sorry - Absolutely NO Carry-Ins, Coolers or Pets

Donations are needed and appreciated - Send to Rewey Fireworks, 218 West Street, Rewey, WI 53580.  All proceeds go to future Rewey Fireworks shows and Community Improvements.

Below are a couple of maps to help you find the Rewey Fireworks.
Any questions please call 608-574-9282
You can see a Google Map here- the park entrance is near the corner of 3rd and Commerce streets.

Visit Rewey Fire Department's website or  Rockin' Rewey Fireworks


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